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Summary - what have we learned? So there we have it, your detailed guide to Pardot grading and • Testing and modifying grading and scoring scoring along with tips, FAQs and real world examples. • Tips and best practices • Real world examples If you read the entire thing properly (which we’ll assume you did ), • FAQs then thanks for sharing your time with us and we hope it’s been really valuable to you! The next step is to get started! Of course, we aren’t just going to send you back into the world without some kind of added help To recap, we’ve covered: along the way. • The basics of: Download our printable Pardot Scoring and Grading Worksheet ◦ Lead qualification for free on the MarCloud website and once you’ve completed it, ◦ Scoring vs grading send it over to the team at ◦ Why use scoring? [email protected] ◦ Why use grading? We’ll review your worksheet at no cost to you and we’ll provide • Where to begin with scoring and grading, including; some feedback on what you’ve planned using our own Pardot ◦ Default Pardot Grading Profile expertise. ◦ Default Pardot scoring ◦ Planning a custom grading model We may have a few questions about your business model or ◦ Planning a custom scoring model products that will help us do your free review but you have our • Advanced steps, such as; word that we won’t continue to contact you afterwards unless you ◦ Scoring Categories give us permission to. ◦ Einstein Behaviour Scoring • Implementing scoring and grading in Pardot, particularly; For the record, we produce lots of helpful content for free and ◦ Setting up grading share this with our email subscribers on a monthly basis. You can ◦ Setting up scoring sign up here. ◦ Engagement Studio journeys ◦ Lead assignment So, head over to the worksheet and we look forward to • Syncing with Salesforce - a must-know for marketers using helping you in the near-future! both platforms! 32

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