AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 19 Use this same feature to insert Dynamic Content in your subject line and really tailor this to your prospect for higher open rates. Like any Pardot email marketing feature, it’s vital to take the time and learn how dynamic content and personalisation can be used to its full potential. This is where giving focus to the setup is crucial. Putting in the hard yards from the beginning means a much smoother ongoing process for you and your team, and helps to minimise avoidable inaccuracies. There are two things you need to know for great personalisation: • The ins and outs of your customer journey • Which buyer personas each prospect best fits If you don’t have that type of data, then we strongly suggest investing time into finding it. You’ll thank us later. Custom redirects Using custom redirects means content on your website links, third-party sites, or other web pages that is clicked by a user can be tracked. Custom redirects allow us to record and report on content that a prospect is engaging with the most, and therefore the effectiveness of our content and what is resonating most with each prospect. See our blog for a guide on how to create a custom redirect. A/B testing A/B testing allows us to test variable aspects to define winning criteria and inform us on what encourages more engagement from our prospects. You can test all kinds of things such as images, body copy, or names. For example, you might choose to use a different subject heading for the same email. You can send one version to different users from the same list, and discover which subject heading appears more successful with your prospects. Regular and constant testing is a good habit to have, particularly if you’re looking to improve your strategies and activity based on data and what you know works. And remember - to ensure a fair test you should only have one variable.

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