AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 25 Ever wondered why there are both ‘Do Not Email’ and ‘Opted Out’ fields in Pardot? The best way to differentiate these two fields: • ‘Do Not Email’ is more of an operational field which does not sync to Salesforce by default. It is often triggered by 1 hard bounce, 5 soft bounces or if they’re opted out within Salesforce. The prospect will not receive autoresponders or operational emails! • ‘Opted Out’ is controlled by the user, so the main way this triggers is when a prospect clicks an unsubscribe link or reports your email as spam. This field syncs with Salesforce by default. The prospect can still receive autoresponders and operational emails. Good news, as of 2021, Pardot released the new ‘Mailability Settings’ feature, which means we can now see the full mailability of a single prospect within their profile. You can find out more about the Mailability Settings in our blog. Opting prospects back in Pardot has a feature called ‘Automated Resubscribe’. If a user has previously opted-out from communications and you would like to prompt them to opt back in, you can use this feature, which gives a user the option to send themself a resubscribe autoresponder email after filling in a form on the website. Something important to remember about the opt-out/do not email relationship in Pardot and Salesforce is that the suppression will always win. For example, if you try to clear the opt-out or do not email in Pardot and the value is still in Salesforce, then the prospect will re-sync and revert to being opted out/do not email. It’s the same vice versa. For a step-by-step guide on how to opt a prospect back in, head to our blog here. Analysing and reporting Most people are familiar with planning and implementation, but it’s the analysing and reporting that really give us the gold. This is where we measure the success of our campaigns, looking into what worked and what didn’t.

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