AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 21 By the way, you can actually use dynamic lists on your Pardot preference page to allow prospects to opt out of emails related to these too. This means they will be suppressed from future emails but will not be removed from the List. Prospects cannot opt in to dynamic lists. Email testing An important part of managing a successful email campaign is email testing. We recommend testing all emails before they are sent - every time. Unlike A/B testing, this is an internal exercise used before sending a final version to prospects. The benefit to this is that you ensure your formatting and messaging is correct (this includes checking any links in your messaging) and the components of your email render properly. Pardot has a specific email testing tool that shows you renders of your email across all email clients and devices. You’ll find this included as a step when creating new Email Templates but you can also access all of the Tests you’ve previously conducted by navigating to Marketing > Emails > Tests.

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