AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 22 We recommend that you set up an internal testing List for all emails and have a few people in your organisation receiving and checking emails tests before sending them. MarCloud tips and tricks Now that we’ve run through a fair few of the basics, we’ve put together a list of a few of our favourite tips and tricks to help you even more when it comes to your Pardot email marketing activity. Let’s dive in! 1 Associate all email sends with the correct Campaign No matter the type of email - be it a weekly promotion, monthly newsletter, or lead generation email - always associate it with the most relevant Pardot Campaign. When it comes time to report on performance, if your emails are associated with the right Campaign, you can track and measure more accurately. 2 Test, test, test The best way to learn about what engages your users most about your email marketing activity is to conduct regular A/B testing. As we mentioned earlier, you can test a whole range of things in your emails, but remember to only have one variable aspect. 3 Embrace dynamic content Use dynamic content to personalise your emails and increase engagement with your prospects, which will in turn build greater interest and loyalty in your email marketing content.

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