AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 27 Email inspiration: use cases At MarCloud we work with clients on all sorts of email campaigns. For some, we simply provide readymade or custom-built templates while for others, we plan, manage and report on the end-to-end campaign. To give you a bit of inspiration and insight into what’s possible with Pardot email marketing, here are a selection of our favourite use cases: 1 Nurture program for Bruntwood Bruntwood provides meeting rooms, offices, retail and lab space around the United Kingdom. With a typical B2B sales cycle, the business needs to build trust, increase brand awareness, and maintain connection with prospects until they are ready to make a purchase. To help them achieve this goal, we devised a Pardot email marketing nurture program to run in Engagement Studio. For the target recipients, we focused on existing leads in Salesforce and Pardot prospects who don’t yet exist in Salesforce. We optimised content by resending some templates with a different subject line if the first send hadn’t been opened and we drilled down to track specific links within each template to identify buying intent. These link clicks resulted in an increase in score and when the threshold was met, the lead was converted into an MQL. Within one month of the lead nurture program going live we had 18 influenced Opportunities, including one valuing at £500k.

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