AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 15 Email design best practices Your email design can be just as important and effective as the message of the email itself. If the format and function of your email doesn’t work, then it’s likely going to be off-putting to your recipient, and potentially decrease their interest. Here are a few standard things to keep in mind for your email design. Concise, personalised, and relevant messaging If you have prospect information including first names, then use this to personalise the email. Furthermore, if you can personalise in a more sophisticated way, even better. For example, using a prospect’s postal address to personalise their nearest office or store. Keep the messaging relevant and give your recipient a reason to open the email and read it - you want them to feel there is value in what they are consuming. Recent studies have shown that the more conversational an email is, particularly if it includes humour, the more likely you are to receive engagement with that email. Lastly, keep in mind that your prospects are busy people and don’t have time to read long emails in-depth. Being concise means getting to the point quickly, using short sentences and paragraphs, and limiting the length of your email. Always consider how long an email will appear on mobile devices. Visually appealing layout When in doubt, simple is always best. Another important factor of layout is accessibility - does your email layout abide by accessibility guidelines to ensure it is inclusive of all recipients? On-brand Strengthen your brand awareness by ensuring your email template aligns with your brand guidelines.

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