AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 14 An overview of HML HML has been around with Pardot for some time now, and is used to personalise things like emails, dynamic content, landing pages, and more. It stands for Handlebars Merge Language, and was introduced to create a more cohesive relationship between Pardot and Salesforce, using Salesforce variable tags as opposed to Pardot variable tags. By switching to HML, it means we no longer need to change the language structure when copying an email from Pardot into the Sales Cloud email template builder. And with a standardised language, there’s less translation between the Pardot and Salesforce systems which is great for alignment between our Marketing and Sales teams! In terms of what the difference between the two languages look like visually, %%percentage_tags%% become {{curly.brackets}}. Overall, however, using HML is going to make things much easier between your Pardot and Salesforce platforms, with improved features and functionality. If you have yet to switch to using HML, it’s something we recommend you do sooner rather than later. See our guide to doing this correctly on our blog. T A G

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