AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 13 brand, a faster and easier way to undo errors made when using the editor, and the option to view a mobile preview in-platform. The contextual reporting means we can access metrics at email template level. This allows us to view the performance of a specific asset - at a glance! The availability to see more granular data at this level gives us a better understanding of the overall success of the email. You can read more about how to enable the Drag-and-Drop Pardot Email Builder in our blog. Why have email templates? We’re always looking for ways to save valuable time and simplify processes - and Pardot email templates do exactly that! Email templates are email designs you can import or create and reuse. Each time you use an email template, the content can be modified. Not only will email templates ensure consistent alignment with your brand, it will save you precious time when creating emails across multiple campaigns, and help you be much more efficient. You can use the same template for different campaigns, and swap out the content. You can create email templates for things like newsletters, events, or follow-ups. We recommend testing a few out and getting to know what works best for you. Once you’re confident with the template, you can just edit the content and send when you need. At MarCloud, we have a library of readymade email templates available for you to buy -and we handle the customisation and import to Pardot for you! You can browse and enquire here.

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