AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 12 Generally, newsletters and the like are sent from the brand, whereas lead generation or outreach email(s) are sent from an individual, so as to appear as a more one-to-one communication. Tip: It’s best to avoid using ‘noreply’ email addresses as this can tarnish recipients’ trust in the messages you send, as well as closing the door to two-way conversations. Plus, some email clients auto-filter noreply emails as SPAM. Recipient address The email address of the person receiving your email. Email body information This is where you include the main message of your email using copy, links and/or images. The message of your email should be relevant to the recipients and offer some sort of value. Don’t forget to include a call to action to encourage your prospect to engage in a relevant action associated with the message of the email. Original vs. drag and drop builder One of the most exciting new updates to Pardot email marketing is the drag-and-drop builder, designed to improve your experience with email building, testing and sending. In essence, drag-and-drop means more simplified content creation, a new send experience, and contextual reporting at every level. For example, with the original version, we’d have to clone previously sent emails to resend content to different recipients and segments. But with the drag-and-drop feature, this is no longer the case. Simplified content creation gives you the option to create emails from scratch, or by using a template that will automatically generate responsive designs for assets that are created in the builder, the ability to add buttons that can be styled to suit your

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