AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 11 Getting set up Components of an email send For any email send, you’ll need to consider the following: Subject line This is one of the first things your recipient will see and is the ‘hook’ to enticing your recipient to open the email - so it’s important to give adequate consideration here! We recommend being explicit and descriptive with your subject line. Keep it short because studies show that subject lines with as few as 16 characters have higher open rates than those that are longer! Preheader The preheader is a summary line that usually appears below the subject line in a recipient’s email inbox view. The preheader is typically kept to the length of one sentence long and our recommendation is to simply use the first line of your email body, to appear the most authentic. Sender address The email address you are sending your email from. Should this be from the brand or an individual at your organisation? The answer will vary depending on the type of email you’re sending and your strategy.

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