AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 2 Introduction Transactional vs. marketing emails & GDPR Single send vs. Engagement Studios Introduction Where to begin • Have an email marketing strategy ՙ Automate lead nurture ՙ Segmentation When it comes to Pardot email marketing, there’s more to it than • Understanding reputation and deliverability just drafting an email and hitting send. Getting set up For starters, making sure you’re up to speed with how to use Pardot • Components of an email send email marketing features is vital to implementing and maintaining a • Original vs. drag and drop builder successful email marketing strategy. There are plenty of features • Why have email templates? and automation tricks that will help make your email marketing • An overview of HML activity a breeze. • Email design best practices In this eBook, we’ll run you through a complete guide to planning, • Dynamic content and personalisation creating, sending, and analysing emails with Pardot, including the • Custom redirects dos and don’ts of email marketing, and helpful tips to keep you on • A/B testing track. We’ve even included examples and case studies to highlight • Why you need a preferences page different scenarios and put things into context. • Email testing • MarCloud tips and tricks Let’s get started, shall we? Managing email • Bounces vs opting out • Opting prospects back in • Analysing and reporting Email inspiration: use cases Free Pardot Email Marketing Checklist

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