AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 3 Transactional vs. marketing emails & GDPR Transactional There are two types of The nature of transactional emails is usually an exchange of information. For example, emails you might send password resets or order confirmations are transactional emails. A user will receive a as part of your email transactional email when their behaviour on a website or app triggers an action, such as marketing activity: making a website purchase or requesting an account password reset. Pardot refers to this ‘transactional’ (known in type of email as ‘operational’. Pardot as ‘operational’) Marketing emails and ‘marketing’ emails. So, what’s the difference? Marketing emails usually contain marketing or promotional content, with the goal of encouraging or enticing a user to complete an action. For example, newsletters, sales campaigns, or retail promotions are types of marketing emails. But regardless of whether you’re sending transactional or marketing emails, the most important thing to remember at all times is GDPR. GDPR GDPR - or General Data Protection Regulation - is a European framework that came into effect in 2019, designed to ensure companies remain transparent about the customer information they collect.

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