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Einstein Behaviour Scoring You don’t need us to tell you that this kind of intelligence is a massive advantage in terms of saving time, eliminating human Einstein Behaviour Scoring is a Pardot Einstein feature which is error, and better identifying leads likely to convert. All of which available in Pardot Advanced and Premium packages. means better ROI. It’s a predictive tool that works out patterns in the touchpoints Right now, Einstein Behaviour Scoring is only available in Pardot prospects have with your content before they convert. This allows Advanced and Premium Editions with Salesforce Enterprise, us to better understand ‘ready to buy’ behaviour. Performance and Unlimited Editions. When enabled, Einstein Behaviour Scoring not only collects this If you have access you should be using both your custom scoring information but uses it to automatically score prospects it identifies model and the Einstein Behaviour Scoring model as the latter is as matching the patterns of a typical converting lead. supplementary. We also recommend you be using Engagement History and Campaigns effectively to make real use of this In a nutshell, it takes the manual scoring requirement away and feature. removes any guesswork. 18

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