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When our prospect interacts with the assets, they will accrue a This list could be dynamic and regularly updates with all prospects who score as per our custom scoring model. have a 50+ score for a particular category. We can use this list in any way we see fit, including targeting for a specific marketing promotion. However, they will also have a score for each of the Scoring Categories, based on which assets they interacted with. Why Folder Hierarchy is closely In their profile, we can see the following: related to Scoring Categories Based on this, we know Scoring Categories relies on Folders. that our prospect is most interested in our A category does not have to belong in a folder but for it to work Implementation and Audit services and the and give you clear insight, each category that is set up must be Sales team can tailor associated with a folder in your Pardot account. their pitch accordingly. The clearer we can make the naming convention the better! But wait, there’s more. This type of Folder Hierarchy will save us time, ensure we send the If a prospect’s overall score hasn’t reached the threshold required correct messaging, and most importantly establish that we do not to assign them to Sales, we can still use Scoring Categories miss out on any useful insights or interfere with any Automation Rules. to nurture our prospect with the content we know they are If we don’t associate our assets to the right folder, we’ll miss out on interested in. a mass of useful insights and it could even interfere with some of We can set up an automation rule that assigns prospects to an our Automation Rules. Engagement Studio Program for Implementation when a Scoring One Scoring Category can be assigned to multiple folders. However, Category score reaches 50. each folder can only relate to one Scoring Category at a time Or, we can create lists specific to prospects who have achieved a Note: Scoring Categories aren’t supported with Pardot accounts high score for a particular category. that have Person Accounts enabled. 17

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