AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 8 Automating lead nurture Here’s what an email marketing plan for Pardot may look like: We all know that lead nurture is crucial to developing and building relationships with prospects. Mapping out and implementing your lead nurture strategy can be comprehensive and time-consuming - but for good reason! Automation is only valuable if it’s used to manage a well-considered strategy, the tool doesn’t replace the marketer. Once you’ve spent the necessary time mapping out what your lead nurture strategy with all of your touchpoints will look like, you can then set up an automated process to automatically lead your prospects along the journey each time they engage at a certain touchpoint. When set up correctly, and aligned with your email marketing strategy, your automated lead nurture journey will save you valuable time, while still engaging prospects with personalised and relevant content. Segmentation Segmentation means we can be more targeted in the way we approach our email marketing, and is crucial to reaching the right people in the right way and delivering high quality leads. When we segment our prospects, we are dividing them into groups, which are classified to ensure we are sending content to each group based on their particular needs. This will help to nurture them along the sales funnel faster. So, how should you segment your prospects in Pardot?

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