AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 7 Where to begin Have an email marketing strategy Jumping into Pardot email marketing without an email strategy is like taking the boat out for a spin in the middle of winter without safety navigation or a liferaft - it’s risky and we wouldn’t encourage it! An email marketing strategy is the map to guide you through to your objective or end goal i.e. marketing-qualified leads. And if you work with a large team, it is particularly useful to have as a single source of truth that any team member can refer to at any time. A well-thought out strategy also gives you a formulated approach to how to use Pardot email marketing to reach and engage your customers, and measure against whatever successes and failures you may experience along the way, to give you points of reference on where to make adjustments in the future. It also helps ensure your Pardot account doesn’t become unruly. Especially if you are sending lots of emails, you can quickly lose track of which are going to who and why. A documented strategy keeps you on top of the overall approach and what should be happening in the account. There are two particular aspects as part of your email marketing strategy that we want you to consider: automating your lead nurture activity, and segmentation. Let’s dive in a bit more. If you want to learn more about end-to-end Pardot strategy, you can watch the webinar MarCloud Founders Tom and Jake gave, right here.

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