AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 6 Single send emails Single send emails are once-off emails that don’t form part of a specific customer journey or sequence of communications. Single send emails can be used for things like newsletters, announcements, policy update notices, or promotional offers. Single send emails are suitable for both transactional and promotional marketing content and they are usually sent according to the schedule of the business i.e. we have an upcoming event and we want to let our subscribers know about it. Many Pardot users rely on single-send emails because they are simple to use, with less risk of accidentally emailing a prospect too often. Engagement Studios When it comes to implementing and executing email campaigns with multiple email sends, the Pardot Engagement Studio is your tool of choice here - and the beauty of using Engagement Studio for this purpose is that it automates the nurture process. It’s a flexible and versatile Pardot feature you can use to build a tailored journey for your subscribers by mapping out a chain of predetermined emails that are triggered by certain events or actions completed by the customer, as opposed to the business’ schedule. The goal in using Engagement Studio for campaigns is to gradually move your customers along a journey to a conversion point, rather than optimistically expecting them to convert at the very beginning. The journey should work to provide some sort of value to your customers, build brand awareness, and ultimately nurture the recipient with previously unknown information. We’ve developed a 9-point best practice guide to follow when building and managing activity within the Engagement Studio, which you can read on our blog.

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