AI Content Chat (Beta) logo 5 Single send vs. Engagement Studios Single send email, or Engagement Studio? That is the question. Well, to know the answer, it depends on what your email marketing strategy is (you can jump down to the next section if you’d like to delve more into email marketing strategies first). Once you’re confident with your email marketing strategy, you’ll then know what will work best for your subscribers. The goal is to get customers engaging positively with our emails, by way of high open rates and smooth customer journeys that leave them feeling engaged with the content. There are a myriad of things that can negatively affect your customer’s engagement, including sending too many emails - and not enough! It’s a fine balance, but the golden rule is to know your subscriber base well, and develop an email marketing strategy that aligns with their interests and needs, as well as gently build their loyalty to your content, and ultimately, convert. For example, you should consider: • What stage of the customer journey are they at? • What are their pain points and ambitions? • What does their typical day look like? • Which types of information or content do they seek most? So, with all of that in mind, which should you choose - single send emails, or Engagement Studio?

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