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Pardot Scoring and Grading Worksheet

Ever felt frustrated at the clutter building up in your account, or felt like there could be a better way to organise your campaigns? Here’s your guide to getting organised.

Pardot Scoring & Grading Worksheet 1

Great move! You’ve taken the next step towards a custom Pardot scoring model and grading system. If you’ve downloaded this worksheet after reading the ‘B2B Marketer’s Handbook: Pardot Scoring & Grading That Works’, you’ll know that planning your custom scoring and grading model has to happen outside of Pardot, before you can confidently implement this in your account. If you haven’t yet read the ‘B2B Marketer’s Handbook: Pardot Scoring & Grading That Works’, download it now because the information inside will guide you during the whole planning and setup process. These two resources are designed to work together. When you’re ready, get started by following the steps below! 2

Grading Grading Profiles allow us to separate different ideal prospects into different Profiles so that we can have multiple target audiences running at once. You might have more than one target audience if you offer different types of products or services, or the target audience varies by location or industry. The steps below will help you to plan Grading Profiles for one target audience. You can repeat them as many times as necessary if you’ll need to set up multiple Profiles. Example Grading Profiles One business may have three Grading Profiles for each of the three services they offer: Payroll, Bookkeeping, Tax returns. They will have an ideal persona for each. 3

1. Do you currently have buyer personas? Y - move to question 2 N - skip to question 3 2. List the key demographic information of your primary buyer persona, when a prospect enters Pardot with all of these attributes, they will be graded A+. __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ 3. List the key demographic information you think your ideal buyer has i.e. their job title, industry, company size, gender, education etc. Then go and cross-check this with your sales team and colleagues in marketing and customer service roles. Once you have an agreed list of attributes you can consider this your A+ grade prospect. __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ Now we need to set the criteria a Pardot prospect needs in order to be graded. A prospect that fits 100% of the criteria is an A+, then the grading will decrease depending on how many of the criteria they meet. The lowest grade is F. Grading is increased or decreased in thirds. For example, increase/decrease by: • ⅓ • ⅔ • 1 4

4. Use the matrix below to input your grading criteria and then decide on the amounts to increase by: 1/3 2/3 1 5. Now do the same but for any criteria that should decrease a prospect’s grade. For example, if the prospect is the correct job title and industry but in a country your business does not service. 1/3 2/3 1 6. Now you have your custom grading model! The next stage is to input this into Pardot. First, take note of which criteria already exist as fields in the Default Grading Profile and which you will need to create: You may have created custom fields in Salesforce that can be synced with Pardot and used for grading too. Consider these when mapping out the criteria and values. 5

7. Grading Profiles require Automation Rules to Use the table below to map out the rules you’ll need to create, increase/decrease the scores as prospects enter based on the criteria you are using: the system or their information updates. Rule Action Grading Profile Criteria Example of Automation Rules for Grading Profiles: That’s as far as we’ll take it for grading in this Pardot Scoring & Grading Worksheet! How to set up your custom Grading Profiles is covered in our B2B Marketer’s Handbook: Pardot Scoring & Grading That Works. Or, if you prefer, you can always contact the team at MarCloud Consulting and we can support you with implementation. 6

Scoring Pardot lead scoring works based on behaviour, not demographics or persona information, and it helps to bring those most interested in your service to the top of the pile. Know that this is just a starting point for your custom scoring model and the more insights you gather once set up, the more you can tweak for more accurate scoring. 1. Start by analysing your current customers and the Actions might include: journeys they took before converting. • Certain page views • Number of visits to the website Make a list of all the valuable engagement and conversion actions • Content downloads for your site and any communication channels, such as email, then • Attending an event map these out in order of importance. You can use Pardot reports • Use of Live Chat for this, survey your customers, or speak with the marketing and • Form enquiries sales teams for their intel. • Email opens _________________________________ _________________________________ • Email clicks _________________________________ _________________________________ • Video view completion rate _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ 7

2. With your list complete, add a points score against 3. Choose your scoring threshold. each of the actions. This is the score a prospect must meet to be deemed ‘sales-ready. ’ You might like to using the following as a guide (but consider the Most people start with 100 as it’s a round and easy number. best scores for your sales cycle and audience!): My scoring threshold is: _____________________________________________ +1, +3, +15, +20, +25, +40, +100 4. Now, as we did in the grading system, we need to also Action Score consider how points might decrease over time, to ensure we’re only contacting those most interested in us and likely to convert. Fill out the below table with any actions that might indicate a lead is going/has gone ‘cold’: Action Score deduction 8

Congratulations! You have now planned your initial custom Scoring You also need to consider more advanced (but extremely valuable) model for Pardot. Next up you’ll need to implement in your account features like Scoring Categories and Einstein Behaviour Scoring. and we’ve included instructions for this in our B2B Marketer’s Handbook: Pardot Scoring & Grading That Works. A word of warning Before you head off into the sunset armed with your new If you already have an active Pardot account please know that any grading and scoring plans though, remember that this changes to Grading Profiles or scoring will update retrospectively! worksheet is just intended to get you off the starting line when it comes to customising these! Remember to check for any Automation Rules or Engagement Studio Programs that are triggered by scoring. Once you click to Every business and audience is unique. You might require a higher save your scoring changes, all of your prospects will be rescored scoring threshold or lower scores for each action. where applicable. We’ll be the first to admit lead scoring is trial and error. This could result in them being admitted into nurture programs where you perhaps might not want. 9

Once you’ve completed this worksheet feel free to email it to us [email protected] We’ll take a look and give you feedback! Feeling overwhelmed or confused? Worry not. We set up and manage scoring and grading every day for clients! Feel free to send us a message to discuss how we can help. 10

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